Jun 8, 2009

Weekend in Texas

Last Friday we set out for Texas and a whirlwind weekend of fun. Our first stop was Corrigan, where we attended Tabitha's high school graduation. Stella was so proud of Tab, or as she says, "Pab."
She pointed out to Pop that it was almost Tab's turn to get her diploma. The big moment.
Spencer, who asked the pertinent 6 year-old question following the valedictorian address, "Do they all have to give a speech?"
Sitting with Nana and Pop during the graduation was a very calming experience for Stella. Sitting with her mother and father was the opposite. While she sat with us, she managed to throw her shoe underneath the bleachers, mess up a young hispanic woman's hair, and perform various acrobatics in an attempt to climb down the stadium stairs. Here is one of the calm moments when Nana had her.Tabitha told Stella, "One day, it will be your graduation!" Stella mustered up as much enthusiasm as she could for academia.
Stella getting cell phone usage tips from the master.
Stella was fascinated by Tab's cousin Jude. She could not understand why she couldn't roll around in the floor with all the big boys. Pop giving his big speech.
After way too much fun at the Wilson's, we went to visit our newest cousin, sweet little Bethany. Stella was very curious about Bethany.
Her shirt says it all. I am surprised D.J. and Erin can ever put this precious baby down!
Stella wanted to share a kiss with Bethany. Unfortunately for Bethany, she also was wanted to share her graham cracker face.
Before heading home we squeezed in a visit with more cousins. Here is Darren looking fresh as a daisy after he totally wore out Damon playing baseball in the front yard.
Stella and Darren being sweet.
I tried to talk Stella into giving Darren a kiss. In this picture you can see that she was shy but willing. Darren was not as excited about the idea.
We had so much fun visiting with everyone, and Stella was such a big girl on the long car ride. She never asked if we were there yet, and she only said, "Out!" about 500 times. We can't wait to go to Texas again!


Our Life Version 6.0 said...

It sounds like Stella did great on the drive and at the graduation!
I can't believe how old Tab is now!

Unknown said...

I'm AMAZED by how well she did in the car. And her dress is fabulous. When you buy clothes, start getting two sets so that I can collect the hand-me-downs. :)
Can't wait to see you!!!!!!!!!!