Jun 20, 2009

A Double-the-Fun Birthday Party

Saturday Stella and I traveled to Pineville for the social event of the season....Rylie and Sadie Sharbono's first birthday party! Jen had cooked tons of truly scrumptious food, put up beautiful decorations (some of which Stella and I accidentally helped take down. Sorry!), and planned a fantastic soiree to celebrate the double milestone. Here are our friends enjoying their birthday cakes...they were much more into the cake than Stella was at her party...
Daddy and Mommy did not know that Ms. Scarlett took this picture, but I love it because you can just see the pride oozing from every pore.
A Stella's eye view of the festivities...
Loving Ms. Jen...
Time for presents!
Stella had to help out...
The twins received some of Stella's favorite items, and she could not wait to show them to Me-mommy.
Sweet little Savannah Poole was there for her cousins' big day. She was so well-behaved!
Stella wanted to make sure that the pink pony was safe for the girls. She's so thoughtful that way! Nathan and Jonas were the pony construction crew.
Stella is pretending to be prim and proper in this shot. I am sure that seconds later she way-laid one of the other babies for a toy.
Double the pleasure, double the fun!
Stella was even chauffeured around by this good looking young man before she climbed back into her carseat for the long ride home.

We had so much fun celebrating with Rylie and Sadie! Happy Birthday to Stella's double B.F.'s!

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Unknown said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have SUCH better pictures than I do!!!! I didn't really take any the entire time, so I'm having to depend on others for pics. I LOVE all the ones you took!!!!!!!!!
I think we should plan our babies out so that we have a birthday every three months or so. That way, we GUARANTEE that we see each other. :)
Love the Pourciaus!!!!!!