Jun 10, 2009

Our Day at the Zoo

"I don't think we could have squeezed another ounce of fun out of it if we had tried." That's what Damon said about this past weekend, but I think the same was true for our Tuesday at the zoo. We packed a few of Stella's flash cards so that she could see the animals in real life. This is her face when she realized that elephants aren't actually small enough to fit on flash cards. She loved petting the goat, but was a little confused about his lack of footwear. (see "Goat Shoes" video below)
Don't worry; we washed our hands afterward.
I wonder what she was thinking?
The zoo also has a dinosaur exhibit for a limited time. Mommy was obviously more enthusiastic about it than Stella was, but don't be alarmed. She made her peace with the dinosaurs when she met the stuffed ones in the gift shop.
Out of the stroller to stretch her legs...
And back in for some refreshing water. You can tell from her pink little cheeks it was a hot day in New Orleans.
Climbing the cargo net at Monkey Hill. She made it all the way up! (Okay, okay, Mommy helped a little)
Cooling off her little piggies in the wading pool...
Our carousel ride. We chose a zebra because that was one of the animals on our flash cards.
We stopped by the playground nearby for some quick exploring.
Hello out there!
Whew! All this playing is wearing me out!
The zoo passed the Stella approval test. We can always tell she had fun if she is asleep in her carseat within 5 minutes of leaving.


Grandma Tonie said...

Yea, I get to make the first comment!! Looks like Stella had the most wonderful day at the zoo.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Monkey Hill! We are doing this together when the girls can really walk. Promise me that we get to do our first swamp tour together....

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

What a fun day!! Can't wait to see what A thinks of the zoo when we take her one of these days!