Jun 14, 2009

A Saturday at the Spillway

This past Saturday was the Spillway Adventure Race. Damon, Kirk, and I reprised our roles from two years ago when we competed for the first time together as Light and Momentary Troubles, the team with the longest name in adventure racing. There were many similarities in that first race and this one: one of us had a sweet wreck, Kirk sang, Damon and I argued, I made a grave navigational error, and HBP broke a bike. That is your nutshell race report. I'll tell the rest of the story through pictures. First up, here we are running on top of the levee. I really like this picture, except for the fact that I am wearing my goofy helmet. Apparently, I have an oddly shaped head and there is not a helmet on earth that will fit on it properly. I blame my father, who was known as "Watermelon Head." Hefner Bunny Pie enjoying the beautiful canoe and trying to keep from becoming gator bait.
LMT with yours truly looking very confused. This is probably when I was being loudly and forcefully told to make a decision on the navigation. (I stress loudly and forcefully because someone on the team claims he was not yelling.)
Tearing up the mystery event. We work together so well....well, at least sometimes....
Kirk did not make this shot because he was biking too fast.
Stella enjoying a refreshing breeze back in the transition area while she waited for us to get finished.
"Hey, Baby Girl!" Daddy waving at Stella.
The final mystery event was a kind of inner tube relay across the swimming hole at the Spillway. Yes, the water was disgusting, but in a very refreshing way. We like this picture of Kirk because you can see the water splashing off of his hands. I had to swim back across with the tube to get Damon. All that swimming he's been doing recently really paid off. He was able to push me back across and that trip was definitely the fastest.
Team Beauties and the Beast at their inaugural race. I think Dane is making a Popeye face in this picture. Stella trying out Daddy's bike after the race. Little did she know, he had no brakes at that point. In spite of the face that Stella is making, she really did enjoy the strawberries that Lori brought. All that adventure racing can really wear you out...Yes, Jen, we really do celebrate everything with crawfish.I love this candid shot of Lori. For those of you who don't know her well, she is this vibrant and full of fun most of the time. When she is not, it is because she is competing against you and working hard to beat you into the ground.
We had a great day at the Spillway and had so much fun spending time with friends and family!


Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Congrats on another adventure race! As always...I am impressed! :-)

Grandma Tonie said...

The watermelon head comment just made me roll with laughter!!!! And like Laura I must say that I was very impressed with y'all but, and there will always be a but, I do not understand it at all. Maybe one day I will. I guess it may be because I do not have much of a competitive nature. I would like to go to another one-----just not one in hot weather. Ok?

Unknown said...

I love all the pictures!!! You must have had great support staff...a role I will be filling at the Baton Rouge Urban. :) I went to see Mrs. Belinda today, and I'm thinking the Parson family may make it out on Saturday so we can all see them!!! Also, I want to hear about the eighth place curse....
Nathan is hollering at me to come to bed, so I'll talk to you later when he's nicer. ;)