Jun 4, 2009

Our Little Monkey

Today we had another full day of fun summer activities. We started with a lunchtime appointment at the J.C. Penney Portrait Studio. Yes, I felt that we should not allow Sears to corner the cheap portraits market, so we decided to give good old Penney's a try. We had a $7.99 portrait package coupon, so why not? Here are some shots from our session.

After the experience, I decided that I do indeed prefer Sears. I think Penney's actually has a nicer studio and probably better props and equipment, but they have lots of hidden fees. For example, they charge you almost as much to make the pictures available for viewing online as they do for the portrait package. Sears puts the pictures online for free. Also, the photographer at Penney's did not establish any kind of rapport with Stella and I think that is the major reason that I was not as fond of these pictures as I was of the Sears pictures. Stella was unimpressed by the photographer and pretty much refused to smile. She just talked to her a lot; I can only assume that she was trying to give the poor woman directions on how her pictures should be taken.

Anyway, our next stop was lunch with Daddy, and it was really fun for both of us to see Daddy during the middle of the day. From there we headed further into town to visit the Monkey Room (http://www.monkeyroom.net/), which is an indoor play place for kids with a special area reserved for the smallest monkeys. Our little monkey had a blast playing on the equipment. She also enjoyed meeting the other kids and made sure that she greeted every adult present, which meant sitting in a few strange laps and forcing a few strangers to pick her up. My child is nothing if not outgoing. Thinking about trying out the slide...

LOVING the larger than life rubber ducky....she gave it many, many kisses. She had fun toting these big foam blocks around like she saw the bigger kids doing. This was the scene in the car about 2 minutes after we left the Monkey Room. All that monkeying around can really wear you out. When we got home we went for a little swim with Daddy and then Grandpa and Grandmere came to visit for an early birthday celebration for Grandmere. Stella had prepared a very special birthday card that she colored herself (along with a good portion of the entryway floor, but don't tell Daddy). She even volunteered to help Grandmere open her birthday present. Happy Birthday, Grandmere! We are so glad God has blessed Stella with a loving grandmother like you and we can't wait to enjoy another wonderful year of adventures together.

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Unknown said...

I love your monkey. That sounds gross if you haven't read the post. ;)