Jun 23, 2009

The Louisiana Children's Museum

Today Stella and I visited the Louisiana Children's Museum. We arrived at 10 o'clock for Toddler Time. Here Stella is getting instructions for her art project. Of all the books they had to choose from, of course she wanted to read the puppy book.
She rocked a baby for a few minutes. If you read a lot of children's books you will recognize the backdrop from Goodnight, Moon.
She visited the kitchen to cook like Grandmere.
Eventually she said, "Rain on this. I'm sticking it in the microwave like Mommy does."
The Museum is truly an electrifying experience.
Before she hit the shelves of the Little Winn Dixie, she had to check out the sale paper.
Her first shopping selection was baby powder.
Almost ready to check out.
Putting her selections on the conveyor belt. She chose baby powder, 2 bags of dog food, and rice. We see where her priorities are already.
We need a price check on Daily Balance Dog Food.
After paying for her purchases, Stella tried out the other side of the register.
"Ma'am, please don't forget your receipt."
Next, it was on to the restaurant where Stella tried her hand at waiting tables.
Let's all hope that Stella never actually enters the food service industry as a vocation. The refills that she got for the lady on the left she returned to the lady on the right. Yuck! She stopped by the Port of Orleans on her way out and explored the cargo hold of a ship. Apparently, the Children's Museum is way more fun than the zoo, because she was asleep before she even made it to the carseat!


Unknown said...

Are you kidding me????????? They have that in LaPlace????????? When the girls can really walk, I want you to take me to all these fabulous little places. I went to the Alex zoo with the girls today. They were well behaved, but I couldn't see any animals for all the sweat pouring down my face into my eyeballs. And yes, third party was the Dollar General, but they have never been wrong for me yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

That museum is really cool! Audrey would have picked out the dog book too. I really like that Goodnight Moon mural on the wall.
I can't believe Stella fell asleep on the way to the car...you are so blessed that you have such a good sleeper!

Grandma Tonie said...

That may be the coolest place yet that Stella has gone to. It looked like sooooo much fun!!

The Poole Family said...

You win the award for the COOLEST mother ever....that looked like sooo much fun!! I want to go!! Oh, and Savannah might like it too... :o)