Jun 21, 2009

Father's Day Fish Fry

On Sunday we celebrated Father's Day by letting Grandpa fry fish for us at his house. The fish turned out perfect, in his opinion. We have to admit, they were pretty tasty. Here is Stella blowing a kiss to that Old Man. Sharing some laughs with Grandmere. Grandpa can't be left out... How many Pourciau's does it take to feed a baby? (variations on this question are a theme around here, as you will see later) Grandpa and Stella reading his Father's Day present. Again we ask ourselves, how many Pourciau's does it take to remove a baby from a high chair? Grandpa rescued Daddy's old horsey from the attic and saddled him up for Stella. Ride 'em, Cowgirl! Yee-haw! Hugging that sweet pony. Stella thought the horse did not go fast enough, so she decided she would push it. Still pushing. This is Stella's "Could you PLEASE stop documenting every second of my life on film?" face. Sometimes the paparazzi really gets to her. Who's in the barn? It's Sheila!
Happy Father's Day!


Grandma Tonie said...

Maybe Stella could go to the MOCS Rodeo this year----what do you think?

sarahsavage253 said...

stella is following in my footsteps already...
your daughter shall be just like me!!!
phase 1 of my evil plan:complete

Unknown said...

Sarah cracks me up.

And I LOVE Mr. Ray's smile. When I saw it, it made me smile. Could I please just be support staff with him? By the way, it has not begun, but there is no confirmation from a third party. Get it?????