Jun 20, 2009

A Trip to the Beach

Last week Daddy went to youth camp in Gulf Shores, Alabama. It just so happened that the Wilsons were also vacationing there the same week, so Stella and I decided that we did not need to be left out of the fun. We hopped in the car Wednesday morning and set off for a beach adventure. All that traveling wore Stella out, and she took a little balcony nap with Tab. Later they were two babes on the beach.
Poor Spencer had a tough time finding a good wave to ride.
He finally got one!
Stella surveyed the other beachgoers.
Pop and Zach tossed around the old pigskin...er, nerfskin....
Stella sorts seashells by the seashore.
A love note in the sand.
Stella really loved laying out.
Hooray for brown water!
Thursday night we went to Lambert's and it was soooooo yummy! Here's Tab waiting for the throwed rolls.
Tab and Stella cheesing in the backseat on our way to take beach pictures with our new friend Ms. Penny.
Tab in her natural habitat....punishment.Stella tried her hand at putt-putt.
Nana, her sunburn, and her baby.
Pop is already coaching the next generation.
Building castles in the sand....or at least small lumps in the sand...
In spite of the look on her face, she was having a great time.
Bossing Spencer around. Stella thought Spencer wasn't doing it right, and he thought the same thing about her.If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself! Stella explored more of the wide world of sports when she hit the tennis courts with Daddy. I wonder if this is how the Williams sisters got their start?
Our little tiger even found some time to root for her favorite team.

We had a great time at the beach. It was so wonderful to spend time with the Wilsons. Traveling with Pop is like staying at a 5 star resort. He is the best combination waiter, valet, and bellboy ever, and he never asks for tips! We can't wait to follow the Wilsons wherever they go on vacation next year!


Grandma Tonie said...

Uh, she is also a razorback do not forget!!!!!

Scarlett Pourciau said...

Stella is a fair-weather fan. We just change her outfit depending on who is winning. That was also a golf reference.

Damon R. Pourciau said...

FYI - the Tigers were crushing the Razorbacks in the game that's pictured. They play Texas tonight in game one of the championship.

Jamie said...

I see that my tennis racquet was well taken care of :-)

Grandma Tonie said...

Oh, I know the razorbacks were getting beat---Leisa kept me well informed, you know she bleeds purple and gold.(is it gold or yellow?) Anyway it looks like loads of fun was had by all. I was busy saving pictures to my screen saver at work all day!!! Ha