Mar 30, 2009

The 1st Annual Celebration of Stella

As an English teacher, I realize that "First Annual" is an oxymoron, but I ask you, is there any more appropriate usage of the phrase than a first birthday party? I think not. You have heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child. Well, I have a new pearl of wisdom to share: "It takes a small army to throw a one year old's birthday party." Feel free to quote me. Over 60 guests turned out for Stella's First Birthday Bash, and Damon and I responded by putting most of them to work. Here is a shot of Stella's birthday cake space walk. She was not a fan, and we actually tumbled head first out of it together into the mud before the guests arrived. (Photos by staff photographer Buddy Boe)Stella's cake. This cake was for Stella to share with her dairy lovin' guests. She had her own much smaller dairy-free cake to smash that was not as photogenic or as tasty. Her high chair standing ready with her "The Big 1" bib and "I'm One!" party hat, which she also hated. She screamed when I put it on her, so there are no pictures of the birthday girl in her hat. Jamie and Moe were optimistic about the celebration....this is before we told them they were in charge of refereeing the space walk...Grandpa and Chad preparing the pots...little did we know just how long we would be waiting for those crawfish...I love this picture. Mainly because this is a look of confusion that these two exchange all the time. Poof! No eyebrows! Jamie, Courtney, and I. Sweet face I'm making. Thanks, staff photographer. Next time I demand a retake. This photo is a good example of why we use digital cameras.
Tristyn being saved from her dad's "hovering baby" trick by her mommy. Courtney was in charge of entertainment for all party guests, and you can see that she did a fabulous job.
This could be my favorite picture of Matt and Jamie ever. It looks like a photo from an all-American family spread in W magazine. If Stella was smiling I would be very tempted to photoshop Damon and I into this one. Jen, Nathan?
Kids everywhere! New friends Danny and Anna. Danny, you made the blog! Now, if we could only share some frosty mugs of soy milk together, your life would be complete.
John was in charge of grilling. Everything was delicious, as it usually is when John cooks it.
Feeding the birds...
Even Aunt Sarah squeezed in a visit after work and before her hot date.
One of my favorite gifts that Stella received. Miss Chung MADE this out of sugar! She is amazingly creative.
She also made Stella this exquisite Easter egg.
The birthday girl taking a little swing the day after the party.

In conclusion, Stella's first birthday party turned out to be wonderful, just like her. A few friends weren't able to join us, and we really missed them. It is so humbling to stop and try to number the people who have supported us as we set out on this great adventure of parenthood. Five years ago we arrived in LaPlace and knew no one, and now we are surrounded by friends who feel more like family. God has blessed us with each of you. Thanks for all that you do for us; please know that we realize we could not make it without you.

In closing, some specific thanks: Thanks to the Boe's for arriving early and being willing to help out in any way you could, thanks to Lori for sending over Damon's favorite treats and entertaining the kids in the space walk, thanks to Kirk and John for catering the party (it was delicious, guys!), thanks to Brian and Casey for fetching ice when we ran out, thanks to Sheila and Lacie for helping out in the kitchen, thanks to everyone for the sweet and thoughtful gifts, and I am sure that I am leaving so much out! Thanks to all for celebrating the anniversary of the best day of our lives with us and for being the best friends anyone could ask for! We love y'all so much!


Emily Raney said...

You guys really know how to throw a party!! We had such a great time. I still can't beleive she's a year old.

Unknown said...

Seriously, Stella's first birthday party is the greatest party I have ever seen. It looks like you guys had an AMAZING time. Now, it makes me even more sad that we missed it. :( Also, this could be a great ad for LaPlace. It makes me want to move there so I can meet all the people. :) I say it all the time, but here goes again. You three are blessed beyond measure...miss you! See you in TWO weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

The party looked like a blast!! Wished we could have flown down from VA! :-(
I loved the space walk too.
Your invitation is up on my fridge and every time I look at it, I think "Mmmm...crawfish!"