Mar 15, 2009

The Second Month

During Stella's second month, life was just one big fashion show. We spent many days playing dress up and taking pictures. At this time of life, Stella would actually leave the bow in her hair. We also had to make sure that we got plenty of work out time in. Stella was an avid reader early on during tummy time. Though she really enjoyed her exercise, she did get a little worn out from time to time.
Stella also decided that she was old enough to hit the road. Her first big trip out of town was to visit her Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Crane. Daddy packed everything that Stella owned for this trip. The three of us barely fit in the truck with all her gear.
Stella also made her historic first trip to the Donut Hole outside the womb on a Saturday morning during her second month.

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Unknown said...

So totally's amazing how much they change! Nathan has been biking and running getting ready for the big adventure race. You have no idea how excited we are! :)