Mar 17, 2009

The Fourth Month

Stella's fourth month was full of fun. With summer in full swing, she spent lots of time getting in swimsuit shape by working out in her walker. It's not all fun and games at the Pourciau house...Stella also helped out with chores. In this photo, she was helping me fold the laundry.
Catching some z's with our friend, Tigger.
Stella also visited her Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Pourciau. Here she is enjoying some lap time with her cousin Selena.
Deep in conversation with Mawmaw...


Our Life Version 6.0 said...

I love what you are doing with a post for each month. It's such a great idea! She is such a beauty!

Dara M. said...

how sweet! this is gonna be fun to watch!!! I will be in wknd of easter, which i know might be hard on some people. I am looking for another date. possibly the 28th of march i will come home. can she do that wknd? let me know!!!! i cant wait!