Mar 1, 2009

Stella's Adventure on the High Seas

I know you have been waiting with baited breath for the next installment in the Pourciau saga, and now, the wait is over, because here it is. Some of you may know that we were out of town for a week for Stella's first cruise. That's right, Stella is now a certified International Girl of Mystery. She has visited three countries outside the United States, and she asked me to share some pictures and memories of all the fun she had out trotting the globe with her entourage. Here is Puppy submitting to a humiliating security check in Customs. He was so embarrassed when they asked him to strip. Luckily for him, his shirt is sewn on. In this photo, Stella is amazed by all that water. We coordinated our outfits for our first big night out at the steakhouse on the boat. We let Daddy come, too. And of course, you have to get a picture with Grandpa.Stella was up with the sun in Costa Maya, Mexico. Later we posed in front of the crystal clear water. Maw-Maw was determined not to be the victim of sunburn on her shore excursion, and accessorized her outfit with this snazzy foam visor. It is sure to become a staple of her wardrobe. I think Sheila might be interested in borrowing it. Unfortunately, Stella never made it off the ship in Costa Maya. She stayed with Mommy while Daddy biked and kayaked, she stayed with Daddy while Mommy toured Mayan ruins......and she fell asleep when it was time to take her to the beach. Here is a shot of our ship, the Norwegian Spirit, in Costa Maya. If you look very closely, you can make out Stella and Grandpa blowing bubbles on the balcony. For her second port(Guatemala), Stella was determined to have some fun, even if the weather looked yucky. Her entourage (minus Maw-Maw and Aunt Sheila) packed up and headed to the Amatique Bay Resort. Kirk was very excited about the outing. Stella took her first ride in a speedboat, which started out a little traumatic... ...but ended up being alright. We spent some time relaxing together in a hammock. She practiced her ladder climbing skills on the lounge chairs... ...and shared some laughs with Grandpa. We checked out the turtles and super-creepy iguanas. I am sure Stella had nightmares about this later. She even found time to squeeze in some shopping with Grand-mere. "That purse will not match any of my outfits," she said. She was very amazed by something...I can't remember what. Oh, wait, maybe it was Jamie reaching into her bag for the longest book EVER. Who can resist the cuteness of baby toes in the sand? Poor Stella did not get to make any sand castles because there were ants and I refused to let her sit in the sand. Loving life and each other in Guatemala. The locals gave us a heartwarming send-off. The landscape was breathtaking. All the adventure racing fanatics on board sighed with regret that we had not been able to mountain bike here. Back on the boat, Stella learned to say "bubbles," even though she remained very reluctant to actually touch them.The next day was un-Belize-able for all of us. Stella set out with Grandpa, Grand-mere, Maw-Maw, and Aunt Sheila for a train tour of Belize City. She had many deep thoughts during the ride. Mommy and Daddy spent the day zip-lining through the jungle and riding inner tubes through an amazing cave system. It was the BEST SHORE EXCURSION EVER! That afternoon, we were all smiles on the balcony.The next morning, Kirk and Lori were optimistic about the ferry ride to Playa del Carmen. 45 minutes later, they would both be green around the gills. The glory of the Mayan ruins of Tulum, complete with other annoying tourists who ruin all your pictures. I totally get why the Mayans thought this was a good place to build. Jamie and I felt tall for once.There were iguanas everywhere! Lori ruining Kirk's picture. Kirk ruining Lori's picture. Three total babes at Tulum. Three hot chicks on the beach. Really, don't you just want to move there tomorrow?Damon and Stella enjoy her first trip to Carlos-n-Charlie's. Am I mistaken, or is that a bar? Stella tells Grandpa and Daddy what the cow says in Cozumel. That is her Little People cow in her hand. He is a world traveler, too. Stella greets the locals.Some quiet stroller time back on the boat. Stella enjoys some Zeringue time. Ironically, she is much better at saying "Lori" and "Kirk" than she is at saying "Mama."Leaving Cozumel behind to sail back to New Orleans.


Unknown said...

I sit here green with jealousy for many reasons.
Reason #1 - You went on a cruise.
Reason #2 - You took a picture in a bikini, and you look FABULOUS. I will never spoon with you again.
Reason #3 - You saw the most gorgeous beaches in the world.
Reason #4 - Your child can say "mama".
haha --- okay, seriously.....
I'm so glad you had a good time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like an amazing vacation, and I totally want to go on a cruise now. The pictures were gorgeous, you guys all look beautiful, and I want to hold Stella!!!
Cannot WAIT for the birthday party. What day do I need to have my birthday suit on??? ;)
Love you and Damon and Stella!

Emily Raney said...

Oh wow! It looks like you guys had so much fun. The pictures are beautiful!! I'm so glad you guys had such a great time. Can't wait to hear more about all your adventures!!

Dara M. said...

wow! can i say that you look better ina bikini than i do and i've never had a child. !!!! looks like yall had soo much fun! matt and I want to go next time. I LOVED all your pictures! I cant belive how big she is getting.

Grandma Tonie said...

Grandpa said, "Whoa back up the wagon---we are still waiting for the end of your European adventure". Which you never finished writing. The pictues are soooo good and it really looked like y'all had a great time. I can't wait until I come down for Stella's birthday party. Just 19 more days until I leave to come down there. Woohoo!!!

sarahsavage253 said...

i really hate being the poor sister