Mar 20, 2009

Pourbono Time

On Wednesday, we had a very special treat. Our BF's for life visited us and we were able to have some spectacular Pourbono time! Stella was so happy to see her double best friends. When the girls get older, we can't wait to let them visit each other for weeks during the summer. When Stella visits the Sharbono's she can learn all about country living in Aunt Jen's garden, and when Sadie and Rylie visit us I can teach them all about....ummm...garage door openers? I have no idea what fun aspect of city life I will be able to share, but I will figure something out. Suggestions are welcome. For now, here is a picture of Stella sharing her toys with Sadie...Mommy and Daddy getting a little Stella and Rylie love. The happiest place on earth, our living room. (And I bet you thought it was Disneyworld!)Jen and Stella being exuberant together...Nathan prefers other adjectives.

A pile of pretty girls. I should have fixed the red eyes, but I am short on time and long on tasks these days.
The Sharbono's, still looking young and hot in spite of giving up sleeping for the past several months.
Here are some other recent photos. Stella enjoying one of my birthday strawberries from the Zeringue's. It was one of the best birthday gifts ever! Thanks, guys!
Stella recently was invited to be a guest at a friend's birthday party. It would have been her first one, but she ran fever the entire weekend and had to sit it out. She still got a goodie bag, though, with these party like a rock star shades which she thoroughly enjoyed.
Stella's babysitter also had the flu recently, so she and her friend Tristyn got to spend the week playing musical babysitters. They spent Friday with Grand-mere. Grandpa came to visit and help out toward the end of the day.

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Unknown said...

Yay for Pourbono time!!! I think I need to have onesies made up for the girls for our adventure race. I'm just logging on for the first time since we have been home. Melissa's shower was Saturday, and it took every ounce of energy I had. I just relaxed yesterday...did not move a muscle!!! :)
I loved all the pictures, and you will be so proud of me. I actually went and ran two miles straight today without stopping. I'm getting ready for our all-girl adventure race. :)
Anyway...I love and miss all the Pourciaus already...kiss the fam for me!