Mar 30, 2009

Stella's BirthDAY

March 26, 2009, Stella turned 1! We started the day with her very first "Birthday Breakfast." Birthday Breakfast is a tradition that Damon and I started when we first started dating. This year Damon had his 10th Birthday Breakfast. In the early days, when I lived in a dorm and had no kitchen, the breakfast came from McDonalds and was eaten in the lobby of Tudor Hall. These days, I cook birthday breakfast and usually deliver it to the recipient in bed. Since Stella's eating skills don't really make breakfast in bed such a great idea, she had her eggs in her high chair. This was her first taste of scrambled eggs and she loved them. Unfortunately, Stella's birthday fell on a Thursday, so Mommy and Daddy had to spend most of the day at work. I visited Stella for lunch so I could hold her at 12:29, which is her birth minute. Damon picked her up early to take her to....drum roll, Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialist. Yes, Daddy was sweet enough to schedule a doctor's appointment on Stella's birthday. It ended up being a good thing, though. We were only going for a second opinion about whether or not she would need tubes in her ears, but while there, we found out that she had tonsilitis! Ugh!

When Damon and Stella finally made it back from that ordeal, Grandmere and Grandpa were with them and it was time to open presents. Stella was not feeling great, but she did find the energy to unwrap a few things.
Stella was very methodical about unwrapping her presents. She tore the paper very carefully and always handed it to an adult to throw away. We were very concerned that we might be up all night, because this was the size of the pieces of paper she was ripping off...Sometime around midnight, we finally got a present open....just kidding, it was more like 8:30...
Loving her "Baby Stella" doll from Grandmere and Grandpa.

We got a late start opening presents and Stella was not feeling so well, so she did not actually make it through all of her birthday presents that night. One present in particular from Mommy and Daddy really freaked her out and she would not go near it. The next day the fun continued and we finally got everything opened sometime Friday. Some of her favorite gifts were a swing for the backyard and a princess tent.

Next post....Birthday bash!


Unknown said...

She is SOOOOOOOOO adorable eating her little scrambled eggs. Please photoshop a picture of us at the birthday party so that she doesn't know we missed the first one. :(
How is she feeling now??

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Those little pieces she tore off cracked me up! That is totally something Audrey would do although she didn't do much unwrapping at her party...she mostly just ate the bows. Go Stella! Sorry she had tonsillitis! Is she taking after her mommy's YER and YBF from the Cottingham Hall days?

Unknown said...

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