Mar 16, 2009

The Third Month

During her third month, Stella visited Grandpa and Grandma Crane again. While we were there, she shared some laughs with Grandma. I think they were making fun of me.Relaxin' with puppy... She also had her first chance to meet some very special friends who are really closer to family...The Wilsons! Feel the excitement on Zach's face.She got in a little cuddling with Spencer. Awwww.
And lots of sugar from Tab and Nana!
She even got in some lap time with Pop. He can't wait to introduce her to the wonderful world of junk food!Stella also tried her hand at acting. She and her friends Emma and Sadie starred in their first television commercial. Since this photo was taken, the world has welcomed a new Guillory, little Talia Rose. The four girls already love each other. Sadie gave Stella multiple kisses right on the lips yesterday at was so sweet!
Stella hung out with her favorite adventure racing team, Hefner Bunny Pie. She thinks Daddy's team is okay, too. Condo time during her first trip to the beach.While at the beach, Stella took part in an old family tradition of outdoor bathing. (This one's for you, Matt!)All that activity can really tucker a girl out!


Grandma Tonie said...

What tradition of outdoor bathing are you talking about?

Unknown said...

Oh, how she has grown!! It makes me sad that I miss so much. Boo on LaPlace.