Apr 21, 2009

More Birthday Pictures

Here are some more shots from Stella's birthday and birthday party. They are from my mother-in-law's camera. First, Stella posing in her princess tent. Grandmere and Stella playing in the tent.I think Sadie thought the party was getting too noisy...
I love the fact that I am smiling and totally don't realize that I am not in the picture...
Unwrapping some gifts. She finally got the hang of it!
Gift opening help from the Welch's and Guillory's.
Reading a card with MawMaw Shirley.
Since the unwrapping was going too slow, Sadie had to step in and use her expertise...This shot was LITERALLY taken 2 seconds later...that kid is like lightning!
Spending some time with Uncle Benny and Aunt Eloise. Stella did not want Aunt Eloise to put her down.
Grace and Madison helping with more gifts.
Emma is always so sweet to Stella. She is such an awesome big sister to Sadie and Talia!
Give me that cake!
Crawfish, anyone?
I think Stella figured out that I fibbed a little bit about the "delicious" non-dairy birthday cake


Dara M. said...

Those are too cute! Sadie LOVES to help open presents. lol. I can't wait for this wknd. Its gonna be a blast.

Unknown said...

She is such a doll, Scar. You have SUCH a photogenic child. You would be SO proud of me. I got up early and ran two miles this morning. I know it's not a long distance to a marathon runner, but to us slow folk, it's a big deal. :)
Getting ready for my first stint in an adventure race......
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

I totally missed this post! What great photos! Stella is simply darling and I love her little dress she had on and the pic of her with her cake. Oh random question-can she have Lactaid milk? Audrey's doc suggested that for Audrey recently because of her digestive issues.