Jul 11, 2009

A Week at Great-Grandpa's

Stella and I spent the last week in Dubberly with Great-Grandpa Crane. We had lots of fun eating barbeque and donuts all over North Louisiana and Arkansas. It will take several posts to share all our adventures, and several weeks to lose the weight we gained, but here are a few photos to start you off. Here is Stella having some lap time with Grandpa. Stella rocking her head-kerchief. Special thanks to her fashion consultant, Grandma Tonie.
Fun times on the porch watching a frog try to escape from the screen.
Big conversation with Grandma. They were probably talking about bubbles.
More to come!


Grandma Tonie said...

The head-kerchief picture is so cute---Stella looks like a little angel.

Unknown said...

What a doll!!!! We just got home from our trip to Illinois...we both get to post grandpa pictures!! :)