Jul 30, 2009

Mall Hopping with Grandmere

To celebrate our last real day of summer, Stella and I headed over to Baton Rouge to spend the day with Grandmere. We started at the Sears Portrait Studio, where the plan was to have Stella's pictures taken in her swimsuit in front of the beach background. We are fresh out of smocked dresses, and we had all the necessary props, so why not? Good question. Apparently the answer is because Stella did not want to have her picture taken in her swimsuit in front of the beach background. She flat refused to cooperate, in spite of Grandmere and Mommy's best efforts, and we ended up with the following mediocrity after 45 minutes of torturing the photographer as well as Stella:
At one point during the session, Stella decided to take matters into her own hands and choose her own props. Hence, the wicker chair made an appearance at the beach.
This is the one we finally ended up going with. Thank goodness it only cost eight bucks. Geeze.
Following the wrestling match at Sears, we decided that Stella obviously had some energy to burn, so we hit the play area in the mall to give her a chance to spread her wings.
The slide was a big hit with Pourciau's of all ages.
In spite of all the great playground equipment and other kids to play with, Stella decided that it would be more fun to explore the contents of Grandmere's purse.
She also made sure everyone was aware of the location of the bear's nose, as well as the fact that he was, indeed, wearing a hat.
We had a fun day of shopping with Grandmere and we can't wait to hit the mall again!


Unknown said...

I think her pictures are sweet. You have the most photographed child in AMERICA. It's a good thing she's pretty. ;)

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Awww...I love how she played with Grandmere's purse and the pics are so cute. Maybe I should take A to Sears so I will actually have some printed out photos I can send to my family!