Jul 14, 2009

Good Morning!

To give everyone a chance to experience how precious Stella is when she wakes up, I filmed the process yesterday morning. Since we spent last week at Grandpa's house, she asks for him first thing every morning. When she is pointing and saying, "Mommy," she is looking at a picture of me on her chest of drawers. Oh, and the brown spot underneath her mouth is leftover vitamin drops from the night before. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

She is adorable!!!!! I can't wait until the girls start crawling!! And I got the unbloggable text...hilarious!!! That is rather bizarre...I totally agree. Maybe if you wrote it in REALLY big letters......
I get to see you in a week and a half!!

Love you!

Grandma Tonie said...

Such a sweet, sweet girl. I wish you did not have to go home---I miss y'all so much.