Nov 12, 2010

Beautiful Girls

A lifetime ago, before we had children of our own, I taught at a high school and coached a track team. My students and athletes became my babies, and we still keep in touch with many of them. Two of my favorites are these pretty girls...
Jessica and Ashley have come a long way since their days at RCS.  They are both successful LSU students now and have bright futures ahead of them.  We are so proud of our big girls!  Recently, we had the privilege of watching Ashley compete in the Miss Louisiana USA pageant in Lafayette.  She was awesome and took second runner-up in the pageant.  I am so glad that Jessica and Ashley are in our lives to be role models for our daughters.  They are both proof that looking nice on the outside is great, but true beauty is found within.  Ashley, thanks for helping us teach Stella and Cille that the most important crowns are the ones waiting for us in heaven!  

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