Nov 15, 2010

We LOVE Bobby Jindal!

Yesterday morning our church had a very special guest speaker...
Now, I must say Damon and I were both big Bobby Jindal fans before his visit to our congregation. After hearing his testimony, we love him even more! First of all, he is a mesmerizing public speaker. Not in a creepy way, but in the way that you just automatically want to listen to him and shut everything else out. (Wish I could get a little of this charisma for my 7th graders!) He was creative, funny, and intelligent, but what impressed me most of all was his obvious love for his Lord and Savior and for the people of Louisiana. Now, I have always been one of those Louisianians who was secretly plotting my escape to Texas, but after meeting the governor, I'm not sure I could feel so good about leaving anymore. You can listen to his message here.

I brought my camera to church hoping for a picture of him with the girls, but thinking that I probably wouldn't be able to get past security to take one.  Surely he'd be too busy for a photo op.  Do you know that the man stayed after the service until everyone who wanted to speak with him had an opportunity to do so?  I was taken back by his humble and generous spirit.

On a lighter note, the little girl who was sitting next to me in church confided in me that her mother said our last governor was a lady and she didn't do a very good job.  The child wanted to know if this was because she was a girl and all girls were bad governors.  Did boys do a better job?  I told her that some girls are good leaders and it really just depends on the particular person.    

I would say we should make Bobby Jindal our next president, but that would mean he had to leave Louisiana and we need him too badly!  This Thanksgiving season we are thankful for a Godly governor and what he is doing for our state!


Grandma Tonie said...

Wish I could have been there to hear the governor. But what I am most impressed by is Scarlett's strength. Holding Stella and Cille at at the same time. Scarlett, you could be the strong woman at the circus. :-)

Unknown said...

What a fabulous picture!!! And I would love to hear the story about the tiger on the side of the road. I'm aching for some Pourciau time. Love you!