Nov 21, 2010

NOUAR 2010

Damon and I did not participate in the New Orleans Urban Adventure Race this year, but we couldn't resist stopping by to see all our friends who were racing and volunteering.  Here's Stella, helping Lori keep time at an orienteering mystery event...
And here's Nathan and Stella, cudding and cheesing it up.  Poor Jen and her girls weren't able to make it to the race due to illness, so Stella was happy to give Nathan his toddler hug-fix for the day.  Can you tell this is a man with three baby girls?
We'll get you next year, New Orleans!

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Unknown said...

Hi, I found your blog through Adori Graphics. Your blog is soo cute and you have a beautiful family! I am following you now. I am not too far from you guys I live in Texas!