Jun 18, 2010

Swimming Lessons

This week Stella has been taking swimming lessons. We have a tendency to push Stella to do things way too early, and I am pretty sure that this is another one of those times, since most kids are starting at 3 rather than 2. I just wanted to see what progress we could make and hopefully impress upon her that you cannot jump into the pool by yourself if Mommy is not in the pool. (Yes, this happened. Thank God I was standing within arm's length!) So far her favorite part of swimming lessons is pouring water out of the watering can onto the top of her teacher's head and watching her grow like a flower. Her least favorite part: anything that has to do with getting your face wet. Here Stella and her friend Julia are checking out toys with Ms. Lindsey...

We have three lessons down and two to go.  Hopefully we will not get any more thunderstorm delays since I noticed a real improvement when Stella was able to have lessons on 2 consecutive days. 

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Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Well, I just signed up to do a swimming lesson class with Audrey starting at the end of July. They have drop-in childcare so I can drop Finn off there while we take the class. The class is only 30 minutes though. Are you doing the swim class with Stella?