Jun 5, 2010

Cohen's Test Cake

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is how many great friends we have nearby for Stella (and one day Cille) to play with.  Stella and I often go strolling through the neighborhood stalking, I mean, looking for friends who are outside and willing to play.  It's tons of fun.  Last weekend Daddy was across the neighborhood at the Raney's house, home of Cohen, one of Stella's favorite playmates.  Turns out that Cohen's daddy had been testing smash cakes for his upcoming 2 year old birthday bash.  Since Jace and Emily felt that Cohen had ingested enough sugar for one day, they sent Damon home with an extra "test cake" that they had.  They could not have imagined how much fun Stella was going to have with that cake...

Thanks, Raney Family!  We can't wait until Cohen turns three, and please remember that Stella is available for cake testing all year round.

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trixerelixer said...

oh. my. gosh! that was so cute! ha ha ha! my stomach muscles hurt from laughing so hard! Stella is SO darned cute!