Jun 9, 2010

Are there cookies in these?

Yesterday during Mommy's doctor's appointment, Stella was introduced to the wonderful world of M&M's.  Mrs. Paula offered her a few as a reward for potty success.  Stella tried one and immediately asked, "Are there cookies in these?"  When Mrs. Paula told her no, she said, "These taste like cookies."  Poor kid.  Since she was recently cleared of her milk allergy she is experiencing a whole new world of flavors.  She was such a big fan of the M&M's that she volunteered to potty again in order to get some more.  When I picked her up she ate another one and asked me the same question.  I'm now on my way to the store for the big bag of candy that is going to end our potty training battle.   


Anonymous said...

Scarlett and Damon! How are you guys? I randomly came across this and am so happy I did! You have a beautiful family. We actually came by your house, at least the house where we think you live, in Laplace, but you weren't home. Congratulations on baby 2!
Abi and Bryan Morrow

Damon R. Pourciau said...

Abi and Bryan! Great to hear from you! We are still in the same place! Come by anytime and bring Owen. Stella would love to play with him!

Anonymous said...

Next time we are in town, we will come by. We have another one, Molly, she was born Oct. 07. She was a surprise! She would love to play with Stella. Is she excited about a new baby? Where are you working?

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

I'd love to hear more about the potty training! Also, glad to hear she got cleared of her milk allergy!