May 12, 2009

Our Backyard Menagerie

By some miracle, even though Damon and I are very anti-animal, Stella loves them. I guess she inherited that trait from Grandmere and Sarah. She is kind of like Snow White, too. Not the pale, pasty skin, but the uncanny ability to draw animals to her. Snow White does it with a song, but I guess Stella does it right now with her shrill squeals. However she does it, we came home yesterday to find a huge turtle and two ducks in our back yard, so we went out to enjoy our own little petting zoo. Look at the size of that thing, Dad! What is that over there?Oh, it's just Donald Duck and the as-yet-unnamed Turtle. Stella and Turtle ponder why the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Heading down to the pond to meet some new friends.
A local mother shows off her new brood. I just love this time of year! Gotta swing, swing! (Should be sung to the tune of "Sing, Sing" from The Producers.)Stella also wanted to show off her nifty new molars.


Unknown said...

Look at all those teeth!!!!!!!!! Wow, so impressive!!!!!!! I'm sitting here watching Rylie with her little eyes wrinkling, cheeks red, and face strained. You know what that means!!! :) Birthday party is June 20, but ask me how much I have done for it so far? Nothing!!! I'm going to go look for invitations today. Anyway...if you guys can come (which I would LOVE), bring your bikes so Nathan can have a biking buddy for the Azalea trails. OR...a biking bunny!!!! :) :) :) Ok...enough cheese for you!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Love the petting zoo...Audrey would be so jealous if she could read!
Wow-so many teeth too!!

Emily Raney said...

She has the best smile!! I love the picture where she is pointing...that is too funny!

Dara M. said...

wow, thats a lot of teeth! i cant believe how big she is now!