May 29, 2009

Fun Friday

At the Pourciau house, learning comes first. So, even on a "Fun Friday," Stella is hard at work on the flashcards. Recently, we have been trying to give her concrete examples of the pictures on her cards. It is so fun to watch her make associations. For instance, she knows that to call a dog, you make a kissing noise with your mouth. When she sees the card for "nose," she can point to her nose and say the word. Here she is investigating a pair of overalls with one of her cards. For breakfast, we ate some cold watermelon and learned about the letter W, which is one of Mommy's favorites.Later we went to Lapsit Story Time at the library. After Lapsit, Stella cruised the shelves for some new reading material.
Reading is FUNdamental...

Okay, this shot is actually from Thursday. Stella was all decked out in her bikini and looking for her sunblock. Friday Daddy joined in on the pool fun. Stella LOVES her pool float. She does great in the water. Never a whimper, not even when other kids accidentally splash her. She also talks to and waves at all the lifeguards. If this behavior continues when she is 13, I might be worried.

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Unknown said... make everyone else look like bad mothers. Watermelon with the watermelon card??? I mean, does it get any cuter??? And library time??? You girls are girls after my own heart!! Love my smart Stella!!