May 30, 2009

It Just Keeps Getting Better

Recently, Grandpa took Stella for her first 4-wheeler ride. Personally, I was against this. My reason is that I do not want Stella riding any toys that are not propelled by her own exercise. Also, as you can see below, there were no helmets. Grandpa flunked the Mom safety test, but passed the Stella fun test. In spite of the look on her face, she absolutely loved her ride and only whined when we made her get off of the 4-wheeler. Today we decided to try to outdo our Fun Friday by celebrating Stupendous Saturday as a family. We started the day off as all perfect days start, with a trip to the Donut Hole. Yum! Next, Stella caught a quick nap. When Grandpa and Grandmere arrived it was time to head to the Children's Hair Palace for Stella's first haircut.

The Hair Palace is in Kenner and it is one of the cutest places I have ever seen in my life. Stella had her hair cut in the taxi, but one of the other chairs is a red airplane! The decor is very appealing to kids of all ages, and the lady who cut Stella's hair was fantastic. No tears; in fact, Stella hardly noticed that anything was happening. We only got her bangs trimmed...I would not agree to anything more. I even got to take a lock home for the baby book.

Pourciau and Pourciau give the Children's Hair Palace two thumbs way, way up. We can't wait to grow more hair so we can go back!

Next, it was back in the car to travel to our next adventure. Stella's word of the day was "Out!" as in "Get me out of this car seat/stroller/whatever I am in."

Stella and Daddy were amazed by the lifesize sharks in the entrance to the aquarium.

"Ooh! Fish! This is just like my flashcards!" thought Stella.

Stella was very impressed with the sea otter exhibit. Did you know that sea otters are the furriest animals on earth, with over half a million hairs per square inch? That's why they were almost hunted to extinction during the 1920's. I bet they made really warm fur coats.

Stella loved learning more about Buck from his trainer.

Mommy warning Stella that you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your Damon.

Stella and Daddy recreating their Carlos 'n Charlie's pose, this time in a more wholesome environment.

Stella waving from inside an aquarium. She kept saying, "Fish! Fish!"

After leaving the aquarium, we decided that our own little tadpole needed to go for a swim, so we headed to the pool.

Stella thoroughly enjoyed her Family Fun Day, and she was not the only one. It's great to explore God's creation with a one year old. She has a way of making everything seem fresh, exciting, and amazing. We can't wait to see what the rest of the summer holds!


Our Life Version 6.0 said...

She is so pretty in her swimsuit with her blue eyes and blond hair! A gorgeous combo of the 2 of you.
The aquarium looks like a blast...we want take Audrey to the one in Baltimore soon.

Unknown said...

Too bad I live in Pineville, and the greatest display of creation is in my backyard.:) However, we want to do the aquarium this summer!!! Maybe you guys could make a repeat trip?????
Also, are you doing the race on July 25?