May 27, 2009

Hooray for Summer!

Now that summer is finally here, Stella and I have some time to enjoy leisure activities. Here is Stella, catching up on some of her reading."I don't know how to make you a sandwich, Grandpa! Ask my mom!"Stella and Grandmere with Stella's first rainbow. (Look hard! I promise it's there!) It is such a wonderful feeling to share one of God's visible promises with your little girl. During naptime, Stella and La-li threw their pacifiers out of the bed.
Stella giving one of her infamous trick-riding seminars.
Trying out a new hairstyle at lunchtime.
Daddy teaching Stella how to fly like the ducks. (Note flower in her hand)
In other news, Stella now has 12 teeth. I noticed that there are molars on both sides on top yesterday. Today we are going to have Stella's picture taken, and we might go for a little swim tonight. We LOVE summer!


Grandma Tonie said...

Awww the lazy hazy days of summer! I remember them well! Beautiful pictures.

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Such pretty photos...enjoy your summer break with Stella! I know you will love it!