Aug 13, 2014

Stella's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Stella started first grade on Wednesday, August 13th!  To see how much she has grown since starting kindergarten last year, check out this post.  She was lucky enough to be assigned to the teacher that she really wanted, so she was super stoked.  Her rationale behind choosing Mrs. Brunet was that the kids in Mrs. Brunet's class last year got to go without shoes for a whole day.  While this told Stella that Mrs. Brunet is super fun, it told me that Mrs. Brunet knows how to get kids excited, and that's definitely one of the hallmarks of a good teacher.  We are looking forward to great things for Stella, her class, and her teacher this year...
You know I could never select just one picture of my sweet girl.  Another fun first grade fact is that Stella's class has a blog!  Now you can follow Stella's activities at home, as well as see what she's up to at school by visiting

Have a great year in first grade, big girl!

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