Aug 3, 2014

Bridget Mendler Concert

When Stella was small I had a picture of her on my desk at school.  Back then I had never heard of a show called Good Luck Charlie, but several of my students were so convinced that Stella was the actress playing the title character that they asked me if it made us tired to fly back and forth to Disney all the time to film the show.  While those poor middle schoolers had several things wrong, it did make me curious about the show that would become a favorite around our house a few years later.  When we heard that the real star of the show, Bridget Mendler, or "Teddy" as Stella knows her best, was giving a concert near our house, we were there!

Since the concert was free, there was a big crowd and pictures were difficult.  I did manage to snap this one of Bridget on the stage and Damon and the girls in the bottom right of the picture...
Bridget sounded great and kept it modest.  I appreciated that she presented herself as a positive role model, unlike some of her former Disney child star counterparts.  Stella's friend Elizabeth and my friend Tiffany sweated through the concert with us and while literally hundreds of people were waiting in line for Bridget's autograph, I snapped this one of our cuties in front of the stage...
We really wanted to get a picture with Bridget, but Daddy said the wait would be too long and miserable, and Wattsy was starting to look a little hot under the collar, so we went home and moved on to other exciting things for the evening: like Cille's first sleepover away from home with a friend!  It was across the street at our neighbor's house, but that's another story for another day.

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