Aug 7, 2014

Watts's 2 Year Old Pictures

On Watts's birthDAY we had these photos taken at JC Penney's.  The pictures were taken in the morning, and Watts got a haircut/scalping in the afternoon, so that explains his varying appearance.  I like him with his hair short and respectable, but it grows so fast that I find cutting it a little too short helps us not have to cut it as often.  His birthday haircut marked the first time that he got a haircut and did not cry, so that was a milestone.  I do not like when the hair is touching the tops of his ears.  I am sure that we will one day have many fights on our hands over my idea of handsome and Watts's idea of stylish.  For now, isn't he the most precious thing with his big boy haircut? 
 I had to do very degrading things in order to get these smiles from my little buddy.  Thankfully I was behind the photographer while I sacrificed most of my dignity...
Now I can't wait for football season so Daddy and Watts can rock their matchy shirts together and be twinsies on game days.

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