Dec 20, 2010


Today when I picked up the girls Cille had an exciting new addition to show off: her first tooth!  Jamie said she had noticed Cille's teeth under the surface last weekend.  I was pretty oblivious to this fact, and Cille was never really fussy, so I was surprised when she gum-grinned up at me and I saw her little pearly white breaking through the surface.  Hooray, Cille, and thanks Mrs. Emily for helping Cille cut her first tooth!

In other news, about a week ago Stella graduated to wearing big girl panties all night long, so far without incident.  Keep your fingers crossed that our beds stay dry! 

Our final milestone features Cille once again.  She can crawl!  Okay, so not totally, but she gets up on all fours and can lunge/maneuver herself over to things that she wants, which are usually things she's not supposed to have, like her sister's shoes.  Looks like me wanting her to stay a baby is not going to work out for very much longer.

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