Jan 11, 2009

Such a Fun Time!

This weekend our friends Nathan, Jen, Rylie, and Sadie Sharbono came to visit us and have the girls' first slumber party. We all had such a great time! The four adults have been friends for years, so when we had babies this year we were all very excited for them to begin a lifelong friendship. Here is a picture of one of the first times that Stella met Rylie and Sadie when they visited for her baby shower. They are such supportive friends. After Stella had busted out, she cuddled the twins and encouraged them to come out and play! Now that they are all on the outside, of course they are daddy's girls. Here Stella shows off her standing up trick for Nathan and Sadie. Sadie finds it boring. Rylie cannot be upstaged by Stella. She has tricks, too! "Look how great I can sit up!" she says. Nathan and Jen trusted us enough to leave the girls while they had dinner with friends. In this picture, we are trying to give the illusion that we have it all under control. Convincing, huh?
The girls were so much fun! Rylie and I shared some smiles and giggles.
Damon was mobbed by girls. Okay, I admit it. We did not trust ourselves with 3 and had to call in reinforcements. Jamie and Grandmere came to the rescue.
Here Damon is loving Sadie on the changing pad. These girls just make you want to hug and kiss them all over!
The girls took time out from playing to pose for some pictures together on the loveseat.

The slumber party was so fun, and we can't wait to see the Sharbono's again! Come back soon!


Unknown said...

Okay...this whole post made me want to cry. I look at our lives, and I thank God for the blessings that He has heaped upon us. The girls have Stella just like I have you!!!!!!!! I get a little bummed when I think of how far away we live, but gas is cheap, so we're coming again soon. :) I can't wait until Stella's first birthday party (regardless of what my husband things of parties:) )You and Damon are a delight to my soul....love you so very much!!!!

PS...Thank you so much for all the things you gave us...the sauce is incredible!! ;) But seriously, when I realized how much stuff we had from you, I again thanked God for you. Celine was amazing...I'm almost certain she knew I was there. haha
Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandma Tonie said...

Oh, heck I miss out on all the fun stuff. My favorite picture is of the girls on the love seat. It is so cute! Jen is right God has been so good to us giving us joy unspeakable!!

Unknown said...

It's Your Baby's First Year (I did try to italicize, but it won't let.) by the American Academy of Pediatrics. It's like six bucks on Amazon, which you and Damon know is my favorite website ever. :) It's a great guide for what the girls are supposed to be doing, and it helps me gauge their milestones since there is a two month gap between birth and due date. LOVE the book. I think I'm going to start buying frozen veggies, steaming them, and processing them to feed to the girls. Give me your thoughts.....
Love you!

PS. Hi, Ms. Tonie!!! Thank you for all the sweet words you leave on the blog. I look forward to seeing you for Stella's first birthday party. :)

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

All 3 girls are so cute! What fun!