Jan 28, 2009

Big Chill Photos

Dane and Sarah at the pre-race meeting. Note the many layers of clothing. If only this picture also featured the frost of our breath, it would be truly authentic. Kirk and Lori. Lori looks a wee bit chilly, huh?
Damon and Scarlett. I was still smiling because I had only been cold for about 5 minutes at this point. The river where we kayaked, or more accurately, where Damon kayaked and I lounged in a boat. A sample of the fantastic gravel roads that tortured my bladder and claimed several of Damon's water bottles.
The demon spawn that is Tahitian Drive. In a car, it's impressive. On a bike, it's insanity.
Terrain sample.
Now, I'll give the people what they want...more Stella! Here is my pretty girl loving the pack and play. Note the classy drool stain and the many teeth. She has 4 bottom teeth now.
And here she is showing off her Texas souvenir. The hat should have said, "My mom and dad went to Texas and all I got was this lousy straw hat."


Dara M. said...

oh, btw..ur live feed, freaks me out..you can see everytime i check for updates, which is like a few times a day b/c im so bored at work! lol...a little stalkerish! lol.

Unknown said...

I love the pictures...you are so funny when you write!! Remember when we were going to write a book??? I think we should still work on it....and then we could take the girls on the book tour. :)
I'm glad you're home safe and sound!! Muah!!