Jan 27, 2009

First Steps

I was home with Stella today because she is under the weather - double ear and eye infection. Yuck! However, she TOOK 3 STEPS! It was the most exciting moment of my life! Damon's mom was here to witness the miracle. I am so proud of my sweet little pea. I'll try to get some video evidence for the blog soon.


Grandma Tonie said...

Way to go Stella---Grandma is very proud of you!!!! Here are lots of hugs and kisses for you! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Sorry to hear Stella is sick but glad you got to witness those first steps!

Unknown said...

Hooray for spectacular Stella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, Scarlett, I'm so glad you were there for the big moment. I can't wait to see the three steps!!! She is walking...agh!!!!!!!!! Your baby is almost a toddler!!!!! Time for number two! :)
Love you!!!!!!!!!
And i want to hear about Big Chill also.