Dec 30, 2008

Holiday Vacation Fun

We have really been enjoying our time off for the holidays. Here's an update on our activities of the past few days: Grandma Tonie spent some time with us. Here she is with Stella, who was sporting fresh drool spots on her cute Navy onesie that her cousin Megan sent her. Everyday is a fashion show for this child. On Sunday Stella continued to show off her new duds. For church, she wore a new dress from her cousin Shannon and family. She had so much fun in the nursery that she fell asleep on the way home and I caught this lady-like pose during her nap.When she woke up she was ready to strike a pose that gave her figure a little more of an advantage. When Stella turned 6 months old, we were photo snobs and went to a great lady here in town where we paid dearly for Stella to cry through the entire photo shoot. While visiting family for Christmas, Stella's cousin, Lacie, gave us a coupon for pictures from Sears. Since the coupon made it so cheap, we decided that we would just go take some pictures for fun and see how they turned out. Stella was MUCH more agreeable this time and we got some great shots. In the end, we spent under $9 for 36 pictures, and I think we will be at Sears every time we get a coupon in the mail from now on. Here's a sample: Today we fed the ducks, which Stella really enjoyed, but they all flew away before Daddy could find the camera. Then we went to the park. You can tell two things from these shots: 1) that Stella had a great time; and 2) that mom and dad focus more on Stella's appearance than our own.
"Hi, Mom!"

Finally, we arrive at our video highlights. This first clip is from the day after Christmas, as Stella multi-tasked by putting together a puzzle and practicing her dance moves.

Next up is video from our day at the park. Stella finds watching the other kids swing almost as
much fun as swinging.

We are hoping to visit with Stella's friends, Sadie and Rylie Sharbono, this week. If we get to see them, we'll post some pictures of that. Call me, Jen!


Grandma Tonie said...

Aww what cute pictures---Stella has fun no matter what she is doing. I missed her as soon as I left. I love the blog it is so cool.

Unknown said...

I'm finally back on line, and I have new pictures to post!!! I adore the pictures of Stella in her brown dress. She is gorgeous...Mr. Billy and Mrs. Dixie absolutely loved her pictures as well. I miss you....counting down to one week!!!!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Stella is such a pretty baby!!