Dec 16, 2008

Commercial Debut

Stella was about two months old when she made her commercial debut. Before you jump to conclusions and think that I am a typical stage mother living my life vicariously through my child, I would like to make clear that a friend of ours who works at a local TV station needed a mom and a few kids who were willing to work cheap (by cheap, we mean free) and she thought of Stella and her friends, Emma and Sadie. Since Kelly was pregnant at the time, she was not ready for her close-up, so I was drafted to play the mommy. Sadie ended up being the real star, but Stella is visible having her bottle. Enjoy! (Note: Stella's autograph is available for a small fee if anyone is interested)

1 comment :

Unknown said...

That might be the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!! Hooray for you and Stella!
It's such a professional commercial...I'm totally impressed. We'll definitely be looking for Stella's autograph. :)
Love you!