Dec 27, 2008

Stella's Year in Review

As we prepare to welcome 2009, we wanted to look back over 2008 and share with you Stella's highlight reel. We hope you like it!
This is Stella in the final days before her birth. She was born 5 days after her due date (more, according to some sources), and she waited until her back-ordered furniture was in place to make her appearance. Note the glow of the 9 months pregnant mother...
Here we are at the hospital. Stella also waited until her mom and dad looked craptacular to decide to be born. I did not straighten my hair that day, and boy, was that a big mistake.
These shots are from Stella's first photo shoot, on a blanket in the living room. In the first one she looks like she is licking frosting off her fingers and thinking, "Ooh, cupcakes!"
Stella made her public debut at her daddy's swearing in ceremony in April at the Ponchartrain Center. You can just see the excitement on her little face, can't you? Going to the Donut Hole with the crew is a very important part of the Pourciau Saturday morning. Here is a photo from Stella's first Hole trip outside of the womb.
Stella was dedicated to the Lord at our church on Mother's Day. This was taken that afternoon at home.
Stella's first adventure race in Baton Rouge. She is Daddy's biggest fan, and occasionally rocks a Hefner Bunny Pie jersey. Hanging out at the theatre. Stella spent her summer attending rehearsals for Jekyll and Hyde with Mommy. "Murder, Murder" was her favorite number, and she watched her mom's throat being slit by a maniacal murderer at least once nightly for 2 months. Damon is saving up for the therapy bills already. First trip to the beach in June. She found it so exciting that she fell asleep.
6 Months Old and so many exciting things to do! First run with mom and dad and first taste of rice cereal! Yummy! Stella's first hurricane evacuation for Gustav. Those of you who live in the storm-ravaged South know what a big event this is. We spent a few days with Great-Grandpa and Great-Grandma Crane before returning to Grandpa and Grandma Pourciau's with supplies. We spent many days there enjoying their generator while Daddy helped clean up the carnage that Gus left behind. How many Pourciau's can you fit under one roof? Currently the record is 11, not counting the staggering pet population.
Halloween: Kanga and Roo. The costume was precious, but large tails are not stroller-friendly and 20 pound kangaroos are harder to carry around the neighborhood than one would think.Halloween turned out to be really scary for Stella when some older kids from our neighborhood stopped by. Luckily, she had a shoulder to cry on. Two little butterballs on Thanksgiving. Stella's first snow: December 11, 2008. She was not real sure what that white stuff was. She was willing to give it the "touch test," but only with one finger.
Stella's first Christmas was a fun and magical time for our family. From picking out the tree in the enjoying Stella's help with gift wrapping (she REALLY likes to wad up paper), to singing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus at church on Christmas Eve, to spending Christmas morning and day surrounded by loved ones, we all had the best Christmas ever. Here are a couple of shots from the big day: the Little People Farm was very exciting for everyone, and by the time Stella reached her Great Grandparent's house, she could unwrap presents without even looking!
This is one of my favorite pictures. It's Grandpa Crane with the 3 Great's. We are adding little Bethany this May thanks to D.J. and Erin and we are so excited! This year Stella found many places to rest her weary head. Not only did she enjoy her own bassinet and bed... She also spent time in the swing...
In Daddy's bed... In Mommy's bed...And in Daddy and Mommy's bed...But Daddy himself might be the most comfortable bed of all... I know this was a long post, but as you can see, 2008 was a life-changing year for our family. We are looking forward to so many great things in 2009: Stella's first birthday extravaganza in March, Mommy and Daddy's 8th wedding anniversary in April, plenty of racing, and lots of fun with friends and family throughout the year. We hope you can join us as we laissez le bon temps roulez!


Unknown said...

What a beautiful idea!! Stella is such a pretty girl...she gets it from her momma and daddy!!! :) We are going to have to bring the girls to an adventure race to play support staff. I love that it's a family thing. Stella will be such a healthy, athletic child. I'm so excited about seeing you guys...only fourteen days to go!!! Miss and love you!

Unknown said...

SHE IS HAVING A GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!! As you can imagine, I am thrilled. Her name will be Savannah Grace Poole....She will be here in 18 weeks. It was the greatest news ever. After having girls, I think everybody needs at least two. :)

Dara M. said...

I am SOOOO excited yall have a blog now! i will read it like everyday ! haha. We just got ur card in the mail today and LOVE it! Stella is soo Beautiful! It was great to see yall last wknd!

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

You should know that we think Stella is just astoundingly cute!