Dec 2, 2017

Christmas Tree Farm

One of the highlights of every Christmas season for our family is our annual trip to Yawn Station Christmas Tree Farm.  This year's visit was extra special, because our family photographer asked if we would be interested in shooting our Christmas card photos there.  Of course we were!  Yawn Station is a place that holds lots of special memories for our family, so we really could think of no better backdrop for a family photo.  The session may have actually been our easiest photo shoot ever with the kids, because we told them if they smiled first they could play afterwards.  There was no wailing and gnashing of teeth for once, and even Corinne cooperated, unlike her behavior in some recent photo attempts.  The photos on this post were actually taken with our cellphones and not by the  photographer, but I'll share Erin's later because they turned out great and we just love her...

The kids are posing for Erin but Damon is probably messing up her flash with his cell phone.  Thanks, Dad!

This kid is just too much sometimes...
Again...notice that the kids are focused on the real photographer, and not their father...

My favorite photo of all taken by yours truly and an iPhone.  Portrait mode rocks!

Riding the train to choose a tree!
We had such a fun day at Yawn Station!  Can't wait to go back next year!

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