May 23, 2017


Bible character dress up day is one of our favorite days in Ms. Dolly's Pre-K class.  Since Stella was in Pre-K, I have been trying to persuade one of our kids to be Jonah IN the whale, because we have a really spiffy fish costume that I think would be perfect for the occasion.  I really thought Watts was going to be my guy for this, since he is a boy and they usually don't really care about what they wear. Alas, Watts, too, has crushed my dreams and wasted my good idea with his own plans.  He decided he wanted to be Moses for Bible character dress up day.  But not just any Moses, he wanted to be the Moses whose stick turns into a snake and then he picks it up and it turns back into a stick.  Here's what I threw together with things we had around the house:
Special thanks to Dad for the use of his Under Armor workout shirt and the belt from his bathrobe, the girls for their stretchy headband, and Cille for bringing us a souvenir snake from her field trip to Global Wildlife.  The towel was mine in college, the stick was Damon's for Hats and Canes in law school, and the sandals are Watts' own...

Apparently, I did not take photos of the big girls on their Bible character dress-up days, but I am pretty sure that Stella was Queen Esther, and Cille might have been Hannah?  I can't really remember.  Whoever she was, all three kids learned so much about the Bible from Ms. Dolly and really came out of her class with a hunger and thirst for God's word.  We are beyond blessed that this sweet teacher has poured into three of our little ones!

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