May 11, 2017

Awards Chapel

The girls' school has an awards chapel near the end of every school year, and a couple of days beforehand the administration sends out an email to each family to let them know if their child will be recognized in the assembly.  We were really excited to get an email, and the morning of the chapel service I talked with the girls about statistics and tried to prepare them for the extreme possibility that only one of them would receive an award.  We talked about being happy for our siblings and friends and not being jealous or sad if we weren't recognized.  Soon after the service began, Cille received a Top 10 Accelerated Reader award, so we took a quick video and thought our family's portion of the ceremony was over.  You could have knocked us over with a feather when Cille's name was called again as Eagle of the Year for her class, and our jaws were on the floor when Stella was recognized with the Servant's Heart Award for the second year in a row.  Even our adopted sister from across the street brought home honors with her second consecutive Eagle of the Year award.  We are SOOOOO proud of these special young ladies...
They worked hard all year long and we're so blessed that they are growing spiritually as well as intellectually.  Thank you, Jesus, for a kingdom-focused learning environment!

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