Dec 3, 2015


It is no secret that our family LOVES musical theater.  We love to watch it and we love to participate in it when we can.  If I had to pick a favorite show for each of us, I would say Damon's is 42nd Street, mine is Guys and Dolls, Stella's is Les Miserables or Phantom, and Cille's is Matilda or Fancy Nancy.  Without a doubt, Watts's favorite musical is Newsies, and lucky for us, their tour made a stop in New Orleans at the Saenger Theatre...
We all enjoyed the show so much.  Watts probably enjoyed it most.  We got lots of compliments on his behavior as a theatergoer, but both Damon and I were nervous that he might start dancing in the aisles because he was so into what was happening on stage.  He was even singing along; it was precious.  He will always be my king of New York.  

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