Sep 15, 2012

Watts's Hospital Photo

Watts's first official photo was taken at the hospital. I can't wait to have it framed so it can join the others in his nursery.  We have baby pictures of Daddy, Mommy, Stella, and Cille hanging in there.  Who does he look like?  The jury is still out on that one.  What do you think?   
This would probably be a good time to explain Watts's rather unique name.  We try to give all of our children meaningful names that connect them to our family and honor the people we love.  For the story of Stella's name, click here.  For Cille's, click here.  The story behind Watts Ray is this:

Watts: Watts is my grandpa's middle name.  To date in our family, Watts is the 5th person named after my grandpa, which is something of a testament to his awesomeness in itself, don't you think?  My grandpa's middle name is Watts because he was also named after an ancestor with a very interesting but unconfirmed back story.  When I can confirm it, I'll blog it.  We chose to name Watts after my grandpa because he is a very special person to me and to Damon.  He has really shaped my character and ideas and I love him very much.  I hope that Watts inherits his intelligence, good looks, and adventurous spirit.

Ray: Ray is Damon's middle name, but the primary reason that we used Ray was to honor Damon's dad, whose middle name is also Ray. However, Mr. Ray has always gone by his middle name so completely that most people don't even realize that it isn't his first name. The story behind Stella's middle name also relates additional reasons, but you can follow the link above to see those. Mr. Ray has always been a wonderful father to Damon and really taught him what it means to be a good man.  Since 1998, he has been a pretty great dad to me, too.  One of the things that I love about him is that he never draws a distinction between me and Damon.  He always makes me feel like a daughter and not "just an in-law."  I hope Watts inherits his love of and devotion to family.  I hope Watts does not inherit his competitive nature and willingness to cheat in order to win, but I'm sure he will do his best to instill this behavior.

We love our little boy!

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