Jul 2, 2010

A Gift from Cille

To ease our transition from a single-child family to a multi-child family, some friends of ours suggested that we take a gift to the hospital for Cille to give to her big sister.  I tried to come up with something creative for the gift, because honestly, what can you give to your two year old big sister who already has everything?  I finally decided that we would go with a "seal from Cille," and during a trip to the zoo I snagged a small one from the gift shop.  At the hospital, Stella never really showed any interest in gifts, since there were much more interesting things to do, like ride the mechanical bed.  Finally, after we got home and were unpacking, the time came for Cille to present her gift.  You can just feel her enthusiasm as she "watches" Stella unwrap the surprise...

She likes it! 

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