Jul 11, 2010

Very Special Gifts

 I've often heard parents bemoan the lack of hoopla associated with the birth of a second child.  I assumed that this meant there would be few, if any, gifts for little Cille.  Boy, was I wrong.  This time around, not only did the great majority of our friends go completely overboard for the new baby, most felt compelled to make sure Stella did not feel left out and proceeded to bring her surprises, too.  We have been so blessed and honored by this generosity from our friends and family.  Seriously, these little girls have it all and then some!

Before I tackle my mountain of thank-you notes (I am hoping to write Cille's in a more timely manner than I did Stella's!) I wanted to share a few extra-special gifts that Cille and Stella received.  Both have gotten so many wonderful things, but these were some of my favorite items because they were handmade.  I think I appreciate these gifts so much because I am so amazed at how talented my friends are, and I am what I guess you would call "domestically challenged" when it comes to crafty stuff.  My sweet neighbor Katie made Cille the precious burp cloth with her initials.  She also made Stella the sassy "Big Sister" shirt that Stella absolutely loves.  (You may have noticed her wearing it in other posts.)  My college friend and former roommate Laura used her mad skills to craft Cille the cutesy bib.  Cille can't wait to wear it on her first zoo outing!  Thank you both so much!   


Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Awww....thanks for the shout-out! :-)

Katie D. said...

Big thanks from next door! I'm happy Stella likes her shirt too, she is a wonderful big sister.