Feb 16, 2009

Love is...

Damon and I had one goal for Valentine's Day: to spend it as a family. I am happy to say we were able to accomplish this goal and we had a "practically perfect" day. (That's Mary Poppins, for those of you out of the loop on your kiddie musicals) When our Valentine woke us up a little after 5, we all snuggled in bed together and exchanged cards and gifts. Then we had a delightful breakfast at the Hole with friends. Well, at least Damon had a delightful breakfast; Stella and I feasted on conversation and gazed longingly at the milk-laden donuts. After the Hole, we went back home for more togetherness. Damon's parents and grandparents came to visit, and Stella had a great time being the center of attention for six adults instead of her usual two. That evening, Grandpa and Grandmere played with Stella while Damon and I went for a little Valentine run. It ended up raining on us before we were finished, but we both had the best time and agreed that we enjoyed our run together much more than we could have enjoyed a gourmet meal. One of Stella's books says, "Love is splish-splashing through puddles, and love's getting soaked in the rain," (I've read it a couple of times) and I totally agree. Love is also the warm fuzzy feeling you get inside when you find a tiny sock in the clothes you are folding. Love is also the thrill you get from seeing a sweet little girl experience something for the first time. Don't you wish we could just bottle this joie de vive?
We promised to post these pictures about a week ago, and we're finally getting around to it. This is a sneak peek of the photos we will be using for Stella's birthday party invitations, coming soon to a mailbox near you. I love the way she propped her arm up on the windowsill, like she rides the streetcar everyday.
This painted streetcar (really named Desire) is in front of the Prytania Theater. We thought it would be the perfect perch for our little Stella.
Stella and Daddy by the streetcar.


Unknown said...

Love is the warm and fuzzy feeling I get reading Scarlett being warm and fuzzy....it made me tear up a little :) I totally love the joy all over Stella's face. She is so beautiful, and you two are so blessed.
Stella's playmates are trying so hard to crawl. They get up on all fours and.....stop. Rylie is a little more coordinated at scooting, and Sadie does a better job sitting. I can't wait for you to see them!!!! We have an appointment at children's hospital in new orleans on March 18. We are staying in Thib the night before so Mom can watch Rylie, but we would love to see you guys that day if at all possible!!!!! I'll let you know details as I know them.
Love and miss you!!!!

Unknown said...
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Grandma Tonie said...

Well, Scarlett, you may have topped Jen in the making me cry for joy department. I think this is the sweetest blog you have written so far. I love you, Damon, and Stella with all my heart and it brings me joy to see you all so happy as a family.

Love, Mom

PS The deleted comment was mine but I was logged in under Lori Clark's name so I had to sign in under my name and write it all over again.

Our Life Version 6.0 said...

Aww! Those photos were awesome! Stella is so stunning!
I enjoyed catching up with you yesterday! Let's chat again soon!
Love, YER and YBF