Jul 23, 2020

Corinne Survived Pandemic Preschool!

One thing about the pandemic that we were super sad about was that Corinne missed some of her time in Ms. Dolly's class!  Ms. Dolly is so special to our family, and has poured Jesus into the hearts of all four Pourciau kids during their time in her Pre-K 4 classroom.  If you are looking for the absolute best Pre-K teacher in Baton Rouge, it's Ms. Dolly at Parkview Baptist! Even when they couldn't be together, Ms. Dolly sent special notes and texts to her students, plus they Facetimed and Zoomed together during the quarantine.  When school was done, Corinne "graduated" in a special drive-thru parade...
Mrs. Cindy Riddle has been the director of the preschool through all four Pourciau kids.  She may not know what to do next year without a Pourciau in her halls! 

The graduate and our favorite teacher...
Congratulations, Corinne!  We are proud of all your hard work and know that you're ready for kindergarten! 

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