Nov 10, 2018

Corinne's 4th Birthday Party

Corinne asked to have her 4th birthday party at Jump-N-Jive, so that made it really easy for us!  She wanted a Wizard of Oz theme, so here is Dorothy listening carefully to all the house rules...
She took some time away from jumping to pose with Toto...
Stella got some Harper and Riley time, so she was one happy camper!

Someone dropped a (bounce) house on the Witch of the East!

Alexander's Highland Market knocked it out of the park on Corinne's Wizard of Oz cake!  We appreciate them so much for helping us with our allergy needs!
Mrs. Cori from school let us borrow her Wizard of Oz cardboard cutouts for decor, so this party was well-decorated AND extremely economical!

We also were able to borrow costumes from sweet friends so that "Glinda Good" as Corinne calls her could make a guest appearance.  Stella is quite the little actress and even though they had not rehearsed at all and I am pretty sure Corinne was unaware that Glinda was really her sister, Corinne told Stella, "I'm not a witch at all!" just like Dorothy did in the movie when Stella asked if she was a good witch or a bad witch.  It was one of my favorite birthday party moments ever!  (and that's saying something because we have been to A LOT of birthday parties!)

"Glinda" left in her bubble and Stella was able to make it back in time for cake!

Corinne had a fantastic party over the rainbow!

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