Jul 6, 2018

Went on Down to the Audubon Zoo

What do we do in July when it is hot as Hades in South Louisiana?  We go outside and spend the day at the zoo!!!

We got to hear an elephant chat with the zookeeper and see an elephant tooth.  Wowza, do they make the tooth fairy earn her money!  

Cille got to hold an elephant's toenail clipping...maybe she could use it in some "mean lady soup"...

To cool off, my little baboons headed over to Monkey Hill...

We also monkeyed around in Jaguar Jungle, just a few days before a jaguar escaped his enclosure and went on an animal murdering spree in the zoo.  Thank goodness the cage held up the day we visited!
And it turns out when you shut down the zoo, you can score a free train ride back to the entrance.  What better way to end a fun day?

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